Custom Software Development

Our team is comprises of expert in their respective fields. Either you have a technical problem or there is a solution required for your business needs, our team is capable of providing the best possible solution.

HR Solutions

There is our own, complete HR solution from the job publishing till the exit interview of an employee, we have a complete HR solution that meets your business requirements like HR Management, Attendance Management, Payroll Management and the Interview Management.

E-Commerce Solution

Do you need an e-commerce solution to start any online business or shopping store? We can provide you the same according to your requirement. It is capable of customer management, order management and the products handling with their respective prices and categories.

Order Management Solution

Our own customizable, Order Management solution is available with the capability of integration with POS. The software is capable of taking orders of multiple companies and multiple products through a single platform. It can also be integrated with the Call center solution for order taking.

Complaint Management

Seeking for a complaint management solution? We have our own which is capable of managing customer’s records, ticket management and n-level complaint escalation process with Turn around time. Call center and Smart phone features are also available with the software.